Context: I did the research here for a course for my MS in Data Analytics Engineering degree at George Mason University.

Image sourced from Analytics Vidhya

Hadoop Ecosystem comprises several open-source tools that provide a framework for the data to be processed in a distributed model across clusters of machines. Hadoop makes this distributed model…

You’ve probably seen this trend with Indian Mithai fusion with fun cakes! This is like that but under $10!! And you can get it ready within 40 mins!!! It doesn’t get better, so let’s get started!!!!

A picture of the Rasmalai cake and fun infographic!
Urvashi Saxena on

Why do you need to make this??

There are a few reasons why you’d want this cake, 1. you love Indian…

My insights…regrets, hope, and admiration for life!

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I read this book almost a year ago. The year of pandemic when things were so absurd and abnormal. When my shopping habits were shifted to include buying for masks and gloves and disinfectant products. When I couldn’t just try the latest winery…

Take your box cake mix to another level!

Summer Blackberry Orange Cake from Cake box mix!

This blackberry and orange cake transports me back to my uncle and aunt’s place in Kanpur, India. Their backyard had trees loaded with blackberries in the summer! Grabbing the berries from the branches and enjoying a home-grown fruit, used to be my…

Urvashi Saxena

Software Engineer by day and a food & wine enthusiast by night. I love to create tasty dishes and host my friends and family!

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